Will The Omicron Variant Cause More Lockdowns?

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Report: First US omicron case confirmed in California

WASHINGTON – A person in California became the first in the U.S. to have an identified case of the COVID-19 omicron variant, U.S. officials said Wednesday as scientists continue to study the risks posed by the new strain of the virus.

Now that the Omicron COVID variant has been confirmed in the U.S., will our Authoritarian government under Joe Biden and the bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci demand new lockdowns and mandates? If they do, America will most certainly be bankrupt. We cannot afford to go through more lockdowns, bailouts, “free” stay at home money, or more unemployment payments. We are broke and I’m sure the Democrats won’t let this potential opportunity go to waste. Look for the propaganda to be pushed from our government through their propaganda arm in the liberal media. Liberal Governors like Gavin Newsome and Gretchen Whitmer are drooling at the opportunity to put new fines, mandates, and restrictions in place that will put more people out of work and out of business in their states.

It is up to every American to demand that our country stay open for business. Schools must remain open and if someone feels like they are at risk because of their health, they should stay home. Anyone who has had COVID should be perfectly fine in making it through this variant that appears to have mild symptoms like the common cold. If Biden and the Democrats tell you that it is deadly and they need to put new measures in place, they are lying and they need to be ignored. What they should be doing is to free up doctors to use Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Monoclonal antibodies to treat patients early on who get the virus. The government bureaucrats have potentially killed hundreds of thousands of Americans by withholding use of those treatments. There are more than 100 studies worldwide that confirm the effectiveness of those drugs in early treatment. Below are some articles to back up what we are saying.

Israeli doctors, who were fully vaccinated and had their booster shots, tested positive to the Omicron variant.


Anthony Fauci never misses the opportunity to call for everyone to get vaccinated, including children. It makes me wonder if Fauci gets paid by the Big Pharma vaccine companies per shot, for being their main spokesperson and cheerleader? Signs are showing that Omicron is mild and it appears that the unvaccinated will be just fine. But hey, get a vaccine that is causing deaths and lifetime side effects.


The fact is, early signs show that the Omicron variant has symptoms similar to the common cold. “The Assistant minister Sethomo Lelatisiteswe, Botswana, has 15 Omicron cases, three of them had mild symptoms, and the rest didn’t show anything. Out of the 15 infected cases, 11 were vaccinated, and four were unvaccinated. The people who didn’t get the vaccine didn’t show symptoms at all.


The bottom line is, you can’t believe anything the government bureaucrats are telling us because they have lied from the beginning of COVID. Find a doctor that will give you Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine so you can get started on them the minute you test positive. Most of them are following the CDC guidelines and it is killing people. If you wait to get these medicines at the hospital, you are in for a tough road. Hoosiers trying to find where to receive monoclonal antibodies can now call 211 for information in finding a site near you.

The comments in this article include opinion and did not come from medical doctors. You should speak with your own doctor for all medical advice, especially when it comes to COVID.

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