Liberals Are Certifiably Insane!

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It is becoming more apparent every single day that liberals are certifiably insane! Remember the 1950’s movies where you would see men in white hospital outfits grab people and put them in straight jackets and they put them in the back of their white trucks to be carted off to an asylum? Well, we need to bring those back to start rounding up the crazies on the left. Just when you think their insanity has reached a limit, they raise the bar, or lower it depending on your perspective. If you live in the United States, and you think the plan in San Francisco mentioned in this Fox News video is a good idea, please call to schedule your pickup today. I’m starting to think that when they shut down all of the asylums, the ex-patients all joined the Democrat Party.

San Francisco paying people not to shoot others a ‘gimmick’ that won’t work: Rev. Eugene Rivers III

Rev. Eugene Rivers III warns the city’s pilot program to pay high-risk individuals to not shoot anyone is a ‘bad idea’ on ‘Fox & Friends.’

The City of San Francisco wants to pay people not to kill each other!

If you want to stop the insanity, stop doing the insane act of electing Democrats to public office. They use their offices to experiment at the cost of our society and country. To paraphrase Smokey the Bear, “Only you can stop the insanity”!

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