Gravitas: China is Illegally Transferring Nukes to Pakistan While Biden Naps

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China transferring nukes to Pakistan while Joe Biden naps.

Spread the Truth

Gravitas: China is illegally transferring nukes to Pakistan

China is facilitating the expansion of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Beijing is illegally transferring resources, equipment, technology and know-how to Islamabad. Palki Sharma tells you why China’s assistance to Pakistan is dangerous for South Asia.

Gravitas TV in India is reporting that China is providing nuclear missiles and technology to Pakistan. With Joe Biden turning over Bagram Air Base to China, and China providing their best weaponry to India’s arch enemy in Pakistan, China has now surrounded India.

China continues to fly their fighter jets over Taiwan, which makes 51% of the world’s microchips. If they attack Taiwan, do we really have confidence in our “woke” Generals, and feeble President, to wage a winnable strategy against China? You can count on Russia and Belarus to join China against Europe, and Iran would wage war in the Middle East on their behalf. China has also taken control of large parts of Africa and Venezuela too. They have the U.S. and its allies surrounded with enemies of America.

When America has weak Democrat Presidents, bad actors will do bad things to the world. It has happened in all major conflicts in history. Neville Chamberlain and Hitler come to mind. Iran hostages and Jimmy Carter is another example. And let us not forget the feckless Barrack Hussein Obama and the Syrian red line, Russia taking over Crimea, and dropping billions of dollars in Iran’s lap to help them develop their nuclear weapons program. And, we certainly can’t forget the growth of ISIS during Obama’s Presidency. Our enemies will always take advantage of weakness, which is why the four years under President Trump were the most peaceful four years the world has seen since Ronald Reagan was in the White House. Strength leads to peace and, when your President is owned by your enemy, they call the shots.

“Elections have consequences and, stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.” – Steven K. Bannon

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