Now that the Omicron COVID variant has been confirmed in the U.S., will our Authoritarian government under Joe Biden and the bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci demand new lockdowns and mandates? If they do, America will most certainly be bankrupt. We cannot afford to go through more lockdowns, bailouts, “free” stay at home money, or more unemployment payments. We are broke and I’m sure the Democrats won’t let this potential opportunity go to waste. Look for the propaganda to be pushed from our government through their propaganda arm in the liberal media. Liberal Governors like Gavin Newsome and Gretchen Whitmer are […]

It is becoming more apparent every single day that liberals are certifiably insane! Remember the 1950’s movies where you would see men in white hospital outfits grab people and put them in straight jackets and they put them in the back of their white trucks to be carted off to an asylum? Well, we need to bring those back to start rounding up the crazies on the left. Just when you think their insanity has reached a limit, they raise the bar, or lower it depending on your perspective. If you live in the United States, and you think the […]

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