Biden Administration Continues Long Democrat Slave History

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Democrats embrace their slave history!

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The Biden administration is staying with their Democrat slavery roots and encouraging Cartels to traffic humans across our southern border. The Cartels are more organized in moving illegals through our border than Democrats were in stealing the 2020 election, and no one is better at stealing elections than Democrats. Border experts are predicting over one million illegals will flood our border in 2021, and more over the next four years, thanks to the Marxist Democrats trying to overthrow our country by overwhelming our entire system. Read the following article from Tripwires & Triggers by Jaeson Jones.


Jaeson Jones is briefing the public on designating Mexican Cartels as a domestic terrorist organization. His a featured writer for Breitbart news and frequent guest on Lou Dobbs, Lara Logan, and Fox News. The crisis of human/drug smuggling occurring on the southern US/Mexican Border is happening and we’re reporting it

If you read the article you now understand that Democrats are creating slave labor by letting illegals flood across our border. These new illegals will continue to pay the cartels for the next several years or they will kill their family members back home in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and the other corrupt third world countries from which they came.

It is fitting that Democrats continue to support slave labor since it was Democrats who owned the plantations and slaves in the South before northern Republicans defeated them and freed black slaves in America after the Civil War. The KKK was founded by Democrats, not once but, twice. Former Democrat Confederate veterans from the South founded the first branch of the Ku Klux Klan as a social club in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1865. The first Grand Wizard of the KKK was Democrat Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest. The first Democrat Klan pretty much died out in the 1870’s after the Republican controlled Congress passed the “Klan Act” to eradicate them.

Democrats never give up on their racist bad behavior. The KKK was relaunched in Atlanta, GA in 1915 by Democrat William J. Simmons. No Democrat with power would ever want to be outdone so Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, a known racist, decided to have a viewing of Thomas W. Dixon, Jr.’s moving picture “The Birth of a Nation” at the White House. By the end of the 1920’s the KKK had millions of members and was one of the most powerful political groups in America, made up primarily from racist Democrats across the entire country.

Why did I give a short history of the Democrat’s racist past? Because, Democrats have a long history of racist and pro-slavery platforms. Now they have moved on from black slaves, to mostly Central American slaves by allowing the cartels to openly traffic them through our Southern border. You cannot be FOR human rights, and AGAINST human trafficking, and then turn around and put policies in place that encourage millions of illegals to be taken advantage of by cartels and enslave them in America for years. Democrats are taking us back to the 1700’s and indentured servants. They must be feeling nostalgic. Maybe Pelosi and Schumer need cheaper labor to clean and landscape their plantations.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines indentured servant as “a person who signs and is bound by indentures to work for another for a specified time especially in return for payment of travel expenses and maintenance”. Sound familiar? Which policy is worse, a policy that takes illegal children and takes them back to their country to reunite with their parents? Or, a policy that encourages women and children to trek almost 2,000 miles on a dangerous journey where many of them are raped, molested repeatedly, or even tortured and killed just so they can be used for cheap labor and Democrat votes?

Democrats apparently aren’t intelligent enough to understand that if cartels are investing hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars into systems that have bar codes to track them, the human trafficking industry is good business and they support it 100%. Or, maybe they fully understand it. These lifetime bureaucrats, who never accomplished anything other than bringing misery to millions of people, don’t realize that the majority of businesses in the U.S. don’t even have bar code tracking systems. Big corporations have all of that technology but not the majority of small businesses.

President Trump understood the damage that these millions of illegals do to our country. Many of them are criminals and gang members of groups like MS-13 or the cartels and they traffic humans and drugs into the U.S. every single day. Trump met many times with the Angel moms whose kids were killed at the hands of illegals.

He understood that when it comes to the U.S. job market it comes down to basic supply and demand economics and fair “fair trade” practices. In the November 2, 2020 article below from Robb Sinn in “The Federalist” it states that “According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 20-year growth trend for the 10th percentile weekly wage was $2.03 per quarter. For Trump’s first three years, wage growth was $4.95”.

Under Trump, Americans Have Seen Their Best Wage Growth In 40 Years

Many on the left refuse to admit President Trump’s populist policies have provided massive benefits to working-class Americans. Matthew Yglesias argued at Vox that Trump’s refusal to endorse a federal $15 per hour minimum wage proves Trump has abandoned populist ideals. Progressives claim the Trump economy helps billionaires, not workers, and snidely dismiss his outreach to minorities.

That wasn’t by accident because President Trump understood that if you shut off the cheap labor pouring across the border you accomplish many things to help low-wage and low-skilled workers in America. When you reduce the pool of cheap labor it forces employers to pay those who are already working here more money to fill their needs. Example: If you normally have 10 people to fill 5 low-skilled jobs, you’ll take the five who are willing to work for the least amount that can perform the job functions. If you only have 2 people to fill five jobs, you have to incentivize 3 people to leave their current jobs to fill your needs. It’s simple supply and demand economics applied to the job market.

Our immigration policy used to be driven by the needs of the job market in the U.S. and the strength of our economy. If we had low-unemployment, a booming economy, and not enough skilled workers to fill jobs, then we increased immigration for skilled workers to fill those roles like IT engineers and programmers, not low-skilled workers to go on the welfare system. Democrats don’t look at economics, they look at power and elections. They understand that the more un-educated, or under-educated, people they can let into the U.S., the more donations they’ll get from the companies and industries that use that cheap labor and they’ll find a way to convince those low IQ illegals to vote for Democrats. Why else would Democrat groups put out fliers to people in poor countries before they ever cross their home borders to start the dangerous trek northward? They tell them that free welfare and healthcare is waiting for them the minute they cross into America.

Look at the backgrounds of Democrats, and even many Republicans, who sit on their large wallets and rear ends, in Congress. The vast majority of them don’t have one accomplishment in their lives. Many of them are either lifetime bureaucrats who would sell their mother for a dollar, or failed lawyers. They never hired a person, other than their staff, in their lives and never created a job. Most of the exceptions are on the Republican side who have members who were doctors, dentists, and business owners. The rest don’t understand the most basic economics at all yet they make the rules we have to work under.

Low-skilled workers in America saw the greatest wage increases and lowest unemployment rates for all minority and low-skilled groups in our history. Now we are coming out of a pandemic with more than 10 million Americans unemployed and broke due to the China virus and Democrat run state shutdowns for a year, and they have far more people to compete with than they did before the Kung flu. Trump gave them some cover by not allowing landlords to evict them and suspending or delaying college loan and mortgage payments. Now that the economy is starting to reopen thanks to President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” those landlords and companies are going to want their money. I predict our bankruptcy courts will be flooded for the next two years and there will be a housing glut in about 9-12 months as more and more people walk away from mortgages they can’t afford.

What is the plan by Democrats to put people back to work to try to keep their homes? They want to allow a million or more illegal aliens to pour into our country to overwhelm our welfare and medical systems, schools, and job market, and continue to support human trafficking and slavery like they have throughout their party’s history. Now why would anyone with a functioning brain do that if they care about American citizens getting back to work? Because, they only care about themselves, power, and their wealth.

Now you know why Democrats fought so hard to keep President Trump from finishing the wall on our southern border. I wouldn’t doubt one bit if they are getting kickbacks from the cartels. Every single American that wants to work and keep this country should vote every single Democrat and RINO out of office that is up for election in 2022. They don’t care one bit about these illegals or the wellbeing of Americans. They only care about gaining more power, wealth, and destroying the greatest government experiment in human history, AMERICA!

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