Are Russia and China Preparing for War?

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Europe and America should prepare as Russia, China, and our other enemies are moving closer to a kinetic war.

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Officials are warning that Russia is building up forces along the Ukrainian border for an attack in January, 2022. This is why elections matter and, honest elections really matter. I have been predicting this for the past couple of years and when the Biden regime was installed, our enemies see this as their time to strike. Below are previous articles that are related to the lead-up of this potential attack. Do not be surprised if China attacks Taiwan and Iran attacks Israel at the same time. These countries of evil have developed very close relationships in recent years.

D-Day Size Russian Invasion Force Lining Up, Officials Warn Big European War Is Close: Report

News Russia is amassing a massive collection of troops at multiple potential invasion points along its border with Ukraine, leading a U.S. intelligence document to predict a January invasion of the former Soviet republic. Alarmed by the Russian buildup, President Joe Biden plans to speak Tuesday by video conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Gravitas: Russian troops ready to invade Ukraine?

Top diplomats from the US and Russia met in Stockholm amid escalating tensions at the Ukraine border. Washington has warned of harsh sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine. Will they be enough to deter Putin’s expansionist dream? Palki Sharma tells you.

Whenever America has had weak leadership in the White House and our military has been in disarray, our enemies have taken advantage of that. Every time a Marxist-Democrat enters the White House, our enemies make their moves around the world. Look at Jimmy Carter and Iran. Obama with Ukraine and the red line in Syria. Obama and the spread of ISIS. Then he decided to fund Iran’s efforts by giving them billions to pay for their chaos in the Middle East. Russian and China have been getting very close since 2005 and now they are positioned and ready to make their moves.

Russia and China just signed a joint military alliance three days ago on December 2, 2021.


An article from American Military News stating that, “Chinese and Russian warships passed through the Tsugaru Strait, a key Japanese water, during their first joint naval patrols in the western Pacific”. Note that these were the FIRST joint naval exercises between our two most powerful enemies.


The New York Post article below is about the joint military exercises between China and Russian forces in Northern China.

In an August 26, 2005 that was published on, the story stated that, “Russia and China conducted their first joint military exercises, dubbed “Peace Mission 2005”. We know that the Russians and Chinese are very similar in their beliefs with the Marxist-Democrats and Islam in that they believe they can say or do anything that helps them achieve their goals. In other words, they believe “the end always justifies the means”. I believe this was the beginning of the military partnership between China and Russia and, they used the “Peace Mission 2005” project as their cover for meetings to prepare for making their move on the world when the United States has a week President, there is turmoil in our country, and our military is at its weakest.

Look at the timing of the past two years. President Trump was seriously damaging China’s economy with the tariffs he imposed on Chinese goods. China had to get rid of Trump so they unleashed the Xi-COVID virus with Anthony Facui and Peter Daszek’s help. The Marxist-Democrats had to get rid of Trump because he was exposing all of the corruption in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, IRS, and DOD. He had to go no matter what it took. So, the Big Tech Oligarch’s took away free speech from President Trump and all Conservatives by shutting down their social media accounts. Then we had the stolen election in November 2020 with the Oligarch’s donating hundreds of millions of dollars into Democrat cities in key battleground states to help them steal the election. Then the Marxists locked up the American Patriots who protested the stolen election on 01/06/2021 without due process and they remain in jail a year later. Then the Biden regime partnered with Big Corporations who are beholden to big government for grants and tax breaks to start firing people who refused to get the vaccines that don’t work. Think about how many of our best soldiers are being forced out of the military for not taking vaccinations.

China has been making massive investments in Africa in recent years. I was told by a couple of sources from Western African countries that Chinese nationalists have been moving into the area for a few years now, building factories, and buying up mineral rights. They are buying favor with the African governments and formed many allies while America has been asleep with “woke” military leaders. The military leaders are much more concerned with mandating vaccines and running our warriors out of the service and, bringing more transsexuals’ into the armed forces and shoving CRT down their throats. In the May 6, 2021 article from the Military Times, it states that “Beijing is looking to establish a large navy port capable of hosting submarines or aircraft carriers on Africa’s western coast”. “In July 2017, the Chinese Defense Ministry opened up a naval logistics center in Djibouti a few miles from the US’ Camp Lemonnier.”

China recently told their people to start stocking up on food and supplies. That sounds like a country preparing for war.

The article below should worry every single American and our allies in Africa, Central and South America. China is on the march and we are doing nothing to stop them.,munitions%20for%20sure.%20They%20have%20armoured%20combat%20vehicles

You also have both China and Russia selling military arms to African countries in the past couple of years as mentioned in the articles below.



The first article below is a must read from The Sun. China has plans to build military and naval bases up and down the Atlantic coast of Africa. America cannot sit by while they position themselves to attack the U.S. in the near future. They can have the Indian Ocean side of Africa but we must take a stand on the Atlantic side.




The World Today News out of Jakarta, Indonesia reported in September 2020 about the joint exercises with Russia, China, and many other countries. Most importantly are the countries that took part in the exercises including China, Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Myanmar, Pakistan and a number of other countries. When you look at that list of countries there is no doubt that China is building a coalition of America’s enemies for war. With Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bagram Air Base under China’s control now, thanks to the Biden regime, China has India completely surrounded.

Use your critical thinking skills, if you didn’t attend public schools in the last two decades, and think about all of these things coming together while the feckless Joe Biden is in the White House and the “woke” General Milley is running the military. Is there a better time in the past 40 years for Russia and China to make their moves against Ukraine and Northern European countries? Is there a better time for China to make its move on Taiwan? Now seems like a good time for China to attack India, Japan, and strengthen their hold on African countries too.

Biden is owned by Russia and China and, the FBI and DOJ wouldn’t look into him being compromised by accepting tens of millions of dollars from them and other countries by selling out his political offices. Let’s not forget that China has always been cozy with North Korea and they have gotten very close to Iran, Venezuela, and even the anti-Bolsonaro Brazilians. We know that Cuba has always been tied to Russia and so has Syria, Iran, and other countries. Many Chinese nationalists have moved all over Africa in recent years, buying mineral rights and building factories in many countries. They are prepared to strike and so is Russia. Thanks to the Marxist-Democrats and their fake Russian Collusion hoax against President Trump, he was unable to hold meetings with Putin to let him know that we would retaliate if he enters Ukraine. He was crippled in dealing with Putin and maybe that is exactly what the Democrats wanted.

America is in total chaos with BLM and ANTIFA rioting in our streets daily. Organized mobs robbing stores all over California and you can expect for that to expand to other cities. We are already seeing it in Chicago and New York. Our streets are being run by animals instead of our police forces. The Marxist-Democrats are spending America into bankruptcy. We have a bureaucratic government who is doing all they can to kill as many Americans as possible by forcing dangerous vaccines into Americans while withholding therapeutics that are working in countries all over the world. Kinetic war seems inevitable at this point. The only question now is when will they strike. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best but America may soon be in total chaos. It doesn’t seem like we can count on the FBI and military to protect us. They are more focused on intimidating Conservatives and moms at school board meetings. The military is no longer training our soldiers to fight wars but instead, performing humanitarian missions around the world. I am in my 60’s and I have never seen our country in worse shape since the hippy movement in the 1960’s. Now those hippies are leading us into a kinetic war they are ill-prepared to fight. If the war doesn’t break out before November 2022, our only chance to get things back in order is to vote every single Democrat out of office from school boards to the U.S. Senate. In 2024, we need a leader who could care less about his tweets or being politically correct. We need a Winston Churchill that can lead us to victory. Remember:

“Elections have consequences, stolen elections have catastrophic consequences!”

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