Norwegian company Develops Cow Methane Solution!

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A Norwegian company is now testing Plasma technology at a dairy farm to reduce methane gas from cow dung.

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Norway: Zapping cow dung with artificial lightning to reduce Methane

In a bid to curb the Methane release from cow dung a Norwegian company is now testing Plasma technology at a dairy farm. The company has found a way to stop livestock slurry from releasing methane by zapping it with artificial lightning.

A Norwegian company is now testing Plasma technology at a dairy farm to reduce methane gas from cow dung. One would think that reducing methane gas from cow dung would make environmentalist loon’s very happy. It won’t. These are far left zealots who firmly believe that climate change is caused by humans and cows and they will never change their minds. If you find a solution to eliminate most methane, they’ll find something else to be miserable about and to focus on! These radical leftists, like Greta Thunburg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been so indoctrinated, they can’t function unless they are in a complete panic.

Instead of focusing so much on cow dung and farts, perhaps we should focus more on getting the mental health industry to talk the environmental alarmists off the cliffs they stand on every minute of every day. The good news today is, we now have a technology that can reduce methane gas from beautiful bovines by an estimated 95%. Sip on a margarita, eat a steak, take a nap, relax a little bit. You can worry and fret about tomorrow, tomorrow!

If you want to read something that is counter to the global warming sheeples and herd mentality, read the articles below about solar activity warming other planets in our solar system and other scientists with a counter viewpoint. It took about an hour for the group thinkers to come out against the report but the people who wrote it are scientists who study climate change. Why are they always wrong and the zealots are always right?

In closing, I would ask the question that the sheeples neglect to answer. If humans and cows are causing global warming, how do you explain the five ice ages and five meltdowns before they roamed the earth? The answer is that the earth’s climate has been changing for millions of years and, will continue to change. The sun, moon, volcanic activity, and ocean currents play a large role in the changes. Some scientists in Europe have predicted a mini ice age in the next decade. What will the global warming alarmists say and complain about then?







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